Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Why invest in Silver ? ? ?

Just read this article on why to invest in silver and i would like to share regarding the content. with u guys...

Bullion is the basic commodity traded in the precious metals market. By adding precious metals in general, and silver in particular, to a portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, an investor is introducing a tangible or real asset to the asset mix. This increases the degree of diversification and protects the portfolio against fluctuations in value of any one asset type.

Economic Forces
The economic forces that affect the price of precious metals are different from, and often are opposed to the forces which determine the price of most common financial assets. This independent movement of precious metals to other financial assets can reduce overall portfolio volatility and contributes balance.

Protection Against Currency Depreciation
The purchasing power of most currency has steadily declined over time and is expected to continue to do so. Precious metals can often provide a "hedge against inflation" capability. For example, between 2000 and 2010, most currency lost approximately 50% of its value, while silver prices rose nearly 300%. Economies fluctuate between inflation, recession and expansion, precious metals investment help diversify and lower overall risk.

Asset Allocation
Whether you are conservative or aggressive in your investment approach, precious metals can represent an important part of your asset allocation. Some experts suggest that 10-15% of portfolio assets be in precious metals. No matter what level of risk an investor wishes to take, every portfolio needs a secure foundation.

Ease of Ownership
For investors who wish to take possession or direct control of their assets, buying physical bullion has appeal. Owning bullion is easy and convenient, and commissions on buying and selling it are minimal.

Inexpensive Silver
Silver bullion bars are the least expensive way to own silver. They can be converted easily to cash, prices are widely quoted and they are internationally negotiable. Silver bullion coins are relatively inexpensive. Because of their smaller unit size they are affordable and easily converted into cash. As in silver bullion bars, prices are widely quoted and internationally negotiable.

Industrial Demand
Silver, more than other precious metals, has significant demand rooted in sectors as diverse as imaging, electronics, jewelry, coinage, superconductivity and water purification. For this reason, silver is no longer known as just a precious metal, a store of value, a work of art or an industrial metal. It is all of these. Today silver is indispensable, working all around us to improve the quality of our lives.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hi guys.....this is an article that i just read from www.goldalert.com . Enjoy reading it and if you want to invest in gold, pls call me at 0199318408 (Nazim).

"The greatest bull market in history"...

Following gold’s 11th straight year of gains, long-time gold bull Richard Russell predicted further gains for the yellow metal in 2012.
Russell discussed his latest thoughts on the yellow metal in the most recent edition of Dow Theory Letters, the world’s longest-running daily investment letter.
“To my knowledge this is the longest bull market of any kind in history in which each year’s close was above the previous year,” he wrote. “This fabulous bull market will not end with a whisper and a fizzle. I continue to believe that the upside gold crescendo of this bull market lies ahead. We are watching market history.”
Russell – who turned bullish on gold near the start of its bull market in 2001 – went on to say that “I note the frustration and anger of the anti-gold crowd. To miss 12 years of rising prices is enough to make any investor furious with himself. I would guess that 99 percent of Americans have never participated in the gold bull market. Thus, sour grapes is the sentiment of the gold-haters. Happy to say my subscribers who listened to me in the early years of the gold bull market have enjoyed the riches restored upon them by the greatest bull market in history.”